My current project is a set of Polariod manipulations that I made in Düsseldorf. These alternative art images have a vintage, painterly effect and the photography ranges from touristy-mysterious to inspirational and somewhat whimsical. In these images, I was viewing Düsseldorf as a tourist would: standing beside and looking up at churches and statues gives the images a slightly hurried feel with their steep perspectives. In addition to a sense of awe, there is a feeling of being slightly lost or confused from not quite knowing what these unfamiliar sights from times past, or perhaps still present, represent.

I created these pictures during some of Düsseldorf’s extremely hot summer days while I was wandering and cycling around the city. It was a sort of photographic en plein air experience as I manipulated each image immediately after it began to develop, using the hot sun to keep the image soft. This gave me quite a short working time, but intensified the experience and kept my impressions (pun intended) immediate. There were times when I thought I would collapse, working feverishly under the hot sun on a traffic island with the afternoon traffic rushing past – it really was a fantastic experience!

There will be several small series: streetcars, churches, street scenes, urban artifacts, and statues. Each of these series will be comprised of 3 – 5 images when complete, all available as limited edition giclee prints.