Johanneskirche - Polaroid Manipulation by H. Henning Riebe

The Johanneskirche in Düsseldorf was built to commemorate the 1825 union of the Lutheran and Reformed churches and their formal recognition as the Evangelisch (Protestant) church by König Friedrich Wilhelm III. Replacing the secret meeting places of the previously unofficial churches, the location at Martin-LutherPlatz in the heart of Düsseldorf was chosen despite great protest from the Catholic community. Completed in 1881 after over 50 years of fund-raising and planning it was the largest Evangelisch church in Germany with its 85.7 metre high towers. Along with much of Düsseldorf, the church was badly damaged in a 1943 bombing during WW II. With few restoration funds available, it was almost sacrificed to make way for a new overpass, which now curves around it. The architect in charge of the restoration unfortunately took this opportunity to cleanse the original design of its smaller towers and many Italian renaissance inspired decorations to create a cleaner silhouette. The restored Johanneskirche opened in 1953.