Der Mahner / The Admonisher #1 - Polaroid Manipulation by H. Henning Riebe

When I happened upon this statue tucked away on a hilltop in Düsseldorf's Hofgarten park, I was completely captivated by its simple, dark, strong outlines. It's singular purpose is to call out, to extol us to heed the powerful reminder in the inscription at its base:

Mensch dieser Erde
Wer du auch bist
Woher du auch kommst
Wohin du auch gehst
Gott der Allmächtige
Hat dir dies Leben geliehen
Unterscheiden zu lernen
Das Gute vom Bösen
Nutze dein Leben
Das Gute zu tun

People of this earth
Whoever you may be
Wherever you may come from
Wherever you may go
God the all mighty
Has loaned you this life
To learn to distinguish
Good from evil
Use your life
To do good

— Udo van Meeteren, 1985

The author of the inscription is also the benefactor who donated the statue to the city.