düsseldorf polaroids

Düsseldorf Polaroids

My current project is a set of Polariod manipulations that I made in Düsseldorf. These alternative art images have a vintage, painterly effect and the photography ranges from touristy-mysterious to...

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Der Mahner / The Admonisher #1

Der Mahner / The Admonisher #1 - Polaroid Manipulation by H. Henning Riebe

The brooding darkness behind Vadim Sidur’s sculpture is contrasted by the brightness in front, signifying that hope lies ahead if we are only able to adhere to the powerful reminder being called out: that we have been loaned this life to learn to distinguish between good and evil and to use our time to do good.

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Swabbing the Deck

Swabbing the Deck - Polaroid Manipulation by H. Henning Riebe

A river freighter gets a good wash as it travels up the Rhein through Düsseldorf.

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Secure - Swabbing the Deck by H. Henning Riebe

This chain secures riverboats from the strong currents when the boats pause in Düsseldorf during their long journeys up and down the Rhein.

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Johanneskirche - Polaroid Manipulation by H. Henning Riebe

A tourist’s view of Düsseldorf’s Johanneskirche with it’s inspirational red brick towers reaching into the summer sky.

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Strassenbahn 712

Strassenbahn 712 - Polaroid Manipulation by H. Henning Riebe

The streetcar 712 rumbles through a complex intersection as it leaves Jan-Wellem-Platz in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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